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Hymns are prose; hymntunes are the music to which hymn texts are set and sung. Some folks write hymns; some musicians compose hymntunes. A feature of this website is hymntunes. First of all, hymntunes are not denominationally specific, but are paired with any theologically sound text, then sung in any denomination (Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Congregational, et cetera) that approves and espouses a given hymn text.


Top Qualities of Majestic Hymntunes


One of the qualities of a great hymntune is a logical and memorable melody. A hymntune should feature common intervals, and the melody should favor a logical and satisfying rise and fall within each phrase or overall tune. When pairing a well-known or brand-new hymn with a hymntune, it is good when words such as “high,” “praise, “joy” in the hymn are paired with higher notes in the melody. There are both unison and four-part hymntunes. When composing four-part hymntunes, the harmonic structure should be well-crafted using quality compositional techniques; present creative and captivating alto, tenor, and bass parts; and, overall, not be limited to I, IV, and V chords.


More Insights About Classical Hymntunes


Hymntunes, like hymns, are composed in various metres, such as (Long Metre, or L.M.), (Short Metre, or S.M.), or any number of other common or uncommon metres. For example, any L.M. hymn can be sung to any L.M. hymntune, but care and thought should be taken to fit the tune to the text in more ways than simply syllabically. When pairing text to tune, consideration should include the mood of each text and tune, various text emphases, et cetera.


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